Values with rootes as strong as our group

Our reality has an international scope and unites under the same name, Bordignon Group, five companies specialized respectively in general Hot Dip Galvanizing services and logistics for handling heavy pieces.

Zincheria Valbrenta, Zincheria Seca, Zincheria SA, Zincheria B&B and DMW Logistic are the companies that enable our Group to excel in its sector. We constantly study our sector to identify cutting-edge technologies, aimed that improving our work, above all, the finished product.

We have a team of 300 expert collaborators with specific skills, to guarantee our customers the highest level of quality and attention.

Our people share our philosophy. Determination, enthusiasm and deeply rooted values make Bordignon Group a solid reality in Hot Dip Galvanizing sector.

We share global leader’s strategy

Total Quality Company. Coordinate areas, collective learning to increase competence and knowledge. The organisation model adopted by all the leading companies in the world and which represents a major turning point as regards quality management.

UNI EN ISO 9004:2009 standard explains quality management principles:

— Customer focus
— Leadership
— Staff involvement

— Upgrading approach
— Supply-chain control

the heart of Bordignon Group

The technical department of Bordignon Group assists the customer in each and every moment of the work cycle, up to the final delivery, everywhere in the world. Along with professional tasks, we are also very involved in academic research. One of the latest projects was a collaboration with Italian Railways ITALFER, University of Padua, and University of Trondheim about the galvanization of bridges.
The future is now: Bordignon Group has already galvanized the Vadena bridge on highway A22, a colossus of more than 47 metres of length, and 18 metres of width.
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