Buffalo Greek Bridge, Time Laps of the construction works

Over 60 meters long, almost completely made of hot-dip galvanized steel, here is the Buffalo Creek Bridge.

The AGA (American Association of Zincherie) has installed a live camera on the bridge that is active 24 hours a day. The pre-existing painted steel beam bridge, built in 1928, was knocked down and a new hot-dip galvanized bridge in all its parts including the star pillars, beams (superstructure), reinforcements, guardrails and all other materials in steel, it will take its place.

In addition to overseeing the timing and delays, the AGA will film the fabrication and galvanizing of steel to tell a complete story on all stages of the construction of the galvanized steel bridge. The start of the demolition began at the end of August and the completion of the construction is scheduled for the end of December.

Watch the jobs in real time on the site:

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