What is the cost of galvanized steel?

To estimate the cost of Hot Dip Galvanizing service it is necessary to consider the following elements:

  • Zinc adhesion: the thickness of the material influences the amount of the Hot Dip Galvanizing costs in an important way: the greater the thickness of the steel that must be dipped is, the lower the percentage of zinc applied will be. The material, once Hot Dip Galvanized, increase his weight approximately 5%.
  • The ratio between volume and weight of the piece: the greater the weight for each individual dipping is, the lower the cost for this component on the final price will be; the elements that have multiple dimensions (three dimensions) will have a very high volume-weight ratio compared to bidimensional pieces.
  • Length of the elements: the material hooked with iron wires, chains, or special equipment, is subject to an important diversification based on the length. All pieces with less than 2800 mm length will be hooked in one point; the elements with a length more than 2800 mm need to be tied in two points with an inclination of about 45 °, increasing the incidence on the final price.
  • Manpower for handling: working hours necessary to hook the material to our lifting system and to finish the elements once Galvanized is the last cost that define the price for Hot Dip Galvanizing service.

The price of Hot Dip Galvanizing service fluctuates from € 300.00 / t for steel carpentry with thicknesses greater than 20 mm up to € 2000.00 / t for very light pieces or a three-dimensional structure.

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